It is our mission to create readily available access to current, robust, relevant labor market data for international NGOs in order to support organizational effectiveness and operational excellence, and to help NGOs thrive.

The surveys cover the countries where NGOs operate. We have launched NGO Local Pay surveys, which we are now calling the Community™ Market Compensation and Benefits Survey, in over 80 countries to date, and we aim to cover all countries where there is demand to launch a survey. The surveys cover the jobs that NGOs employ. Positions covered by the NGO Local Pay survey include over 100 benchmark jobs from general support to programme roles and technical specialties, as well as management and leadership roles.  The surveys include the employers with whom NGOs share and compete for talent. Our target audience is the over 400 NGOs that are members of either Humentum or People In Aid, but the surveys are open, and we invite all participants to refer organizations of their choice to join the surveys. Over 600 organizations have participated in at least one Community Market Compensation and Benefits survey to date.

The surveys are comprehensive. Each country survey is summarized in a two-part report: the main report, which is the Compensation and Benefits Survey Report (CBSR) compares your data to the market for base pay, fixed allowances (such as thirteenth month), short-term incentives and in-kind benefits (such as meals, transportation and recreation). The survey report also includes prevalence information for benefits such as retirement and medical plans; insurance programs; family benefits; and leave benefits. A summary of the local Social Security and Labor Law, Income Tax and Exchange Rate history is also featured in the report. The second report, which is the Allowances and Benefits by Employer Report (ABE) details the specific allowances and benefits provided, including occupational data where values are shown for each position at various percentiles of the market, will now be included as an Appendix.

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A survey is a unique kind of product: the value is directly related to the contributions of those who make use of it. The survey “community” is like a social network:  the value of the survey to the community depends on the participation of a critical mass of those who make up the community.  We encourage you to invite other organizations to join our CommunityMarket Compensation and Benefits Survey.

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