Compensation Management Workshop

Learn how to use Community™ Market Compensation and Benefits Data to manage compensation and benefits in your organization

Birches Group is pleased to announce our 2019 Calendar of Compensation Management Workshops. The program is designed to help international public and other development organizations build and sustain improved performance in managing compensation and benefits. You are invited to participate, and help yourself and your organization build capacity to make good decisions about your biggest area of investment: your people.

Compensation Management is not an easy thing to do but this training was able to help me mirror myself and my organization: what are the things we need to check, to stop and start doing.  [It was] a good venue to hear how other organizations are doing compensation management.” — Bangkok training participant, October, 2014

Joining the Compensation Management Workshop organized by the Birches Group in Addis Ababa couldn’t have come at a better time. I am equipped with what I need to support my organization to make strategic decisions in managing people and reward.  The training is pitched to enable an incisive interrogation of the current reality and how it meets the key principles of effective compensation management. I would recommend this training to all HR managers and senior management staff who make decisions related to compensation in their organizations!” — Addis Ababa training participant, February, 2015

The training was very useful. Although it is an introductory course, I was able to learn a lot about key aspects of compensation management. Diversity of participating organization and expertise of facilitator’s team made the training even more fruitful. It was a complete knowledge sharing environment. I am anxious to participate in the next course with the Birches Group.”– Accra training participant, July, 2015

“I can say that with this training, my understanding of the NGO Compensation has improved significantly. It has deepen my knowledge about my organization reward philosophy. I would strongly recommend this training for people dealing with compensation in INGO especially with salary scale design.” – Accra training participant, July 2015

“Good job! Your global commitment to bring all NGOs and other sectors together learn from each other is amazing.” – Accra training participant, July 2015

Facilitation was awesome! I liked the way the facilitators took us through the sessions at the workshop. The workshop answered lots of ‘why?’ in compensation processes & procedures. I have personally gained enormous skills in compensation management from it; and the experienced group of participants from different countries and mostly International organizations.”  – Nairobi training participant, June 2016

“I have to say these were the best trainings I have attended in a long time and exceeded my expectations by far in terms of content and knowledge gained. I had quite some moments of realization during the training in terms of how far we need to push the needle as an organization.” Nairobi training participant, April 2017

“To be honest, this was an eye opening workshop. I have been able to share the BG grades with my management team and the process of grading and matching our jobs have already started. As HR practitioners, its important to understand the nitty gritties of compensation to enable you manage emotions and also retain your staff.” -New Orleans training participant, September 2017

“I am much better enlightened on how to handle compensation and benefits matters. My take away from the course is how to create a pay scale and ensure it meets your needs as an organization. [I learned how to] place more emphasis on the job groups that matter to an organization and [align it to] the mission and values of my organization. I will definitely recommend this course to HR personnel.” -Nairobi training participant, March 2018

We limit participation in each workshop to 20 participants, in order to allow for sufficient interaction, networking, and hands-on exercises. The current workshop schedule is:

Location Dates Deadline for Registrations Registration
Johannesburg, South Africa (as part of Integrated HR workshop) May 20-24, 2019 May 03, 2019 Register for the Johannesburg Workshop
Nairobi, Kenya (as part of Integrated HR workshop) July 29-August 2, 2019 July 12, 2019 Register for the Kenya Workshop
Dubai, UAE (as part of Integrated HR workshop) October 14-18 2019 September 27, 2019 Register for the Dubai Workshop

The standard fee for participation is $2,000 for the five-day workshop. Discount codes will be released through our bi-weekly email newsletters so make sure to look out for those! Registrations will be closed 2 weeks prior to the workshop date.

The course fee includes course materials, lunches, and coffee/tea breaks.   The course fee does not include accommodations, travel, local transportation, etc.  Participants should make their own arrangements for these services, and should pay careful attention to the time required to obtain any necessary visas.

The Community™ Market Compensation and Benefits surveys, which are now being used by over 350 NGOs in over 85 countries, and will be our primary market data reference in the workshops, have created a resource that for the very first time allows INGOs to use a single, consistent reference to labor market data in order to manage compensation across multiple countries and from year to year.  The availability of the data has illuminated the need in most NGOs to develop good practices in using data well, in order to guide good management decisions.  These workshops are one step we are taking to help you to build those good practices for your organization.

For more information, please contact us.