Job Design and Evaluation Workshop

Explore Job Design and Assess the Value of the Jobs in your Organization

Birches Group is pleased to announce our 2018 Calendar for Job Design and Evaluation Workshop.  This course is to complement our Compensation Management Workshop, which has been embraced by the international development community since its introduction in late 2014. Many participants in our Compensation Management courses indicated a strong interest in taking a detailed look at Job Design and Job Evaluation as a natural next step in building their HR expertise.

The curriculum focuses on topics that will help participants to fully understand and impact issues related to job design and job evaluation, which serve as building blocks to optimize organization design and impact the overall talent management strategy of your organization.  The workshop will use the Birches Group CommunityTM job evaluation system, which underpins our survey methodology, as the framework for examining the design and evaluation of jobs.

We know from our survey experience that many, if not most, international NGOs do not have a consistent, global approach to job design, so we expect that this workshop will meet a real need to help global organizations design, evaluate and organize jobs in ways that reflect the uniquely purpose-driven work that you do.  And, if you have adopted the Birches Group job levels from the survey as a pro-forma grading system within your organization, this course will provide you with the necessary background to fully implement job levels that are adapted to your organizations specific needs.

“This course is an eye-opener and found it critical for HR in any urgent questions as Job Evaluation is the basis to attract, develop and retain talents. Birches team – keep up the good work. It is my hope that we will have another avenue to get similar training on other compensation & benefits subjects.” – Dubai training participant, November 2015


“The training will help NGOs to overcome some of the challenges in Job Design & Evaluation.” – Dubai training participant, November 2015


“My colleague participated in the Nairobi Job Design workshop and I did observe positive differences in her work as an HR Manager after this training” – Supervisor of Nairobi training participant, April 2017

We limit participation in each workshop to 20 participants, in order to allow for sufficient interaction, networking, and hands-on exercises. The current workshop schedule is:

Location Dates Early Registration Deadline Registration
Nairobi, Kenya April 18-20, 2018 March 7, 2018

Registration Closed

Dubai, UAE (as part of Integrated HR workshop) October 1-5, 2018 August 13, 2018 Registration Closed
Dubai, UAE (as part of Integrated HR workshop) October 8-12, 2018  August 31, 2018 Register for Dubai


The standard fee for participation is $1,500 for the three-day workshop, and $2,000 for the 5-day workshop. If you sign up before the Early Registration Deadline, you can take advantage of a 10% discount (the discount will be applied automatically when you register). The course fee includes course materials, lunches, and coffee/tea breaks.   The course fee does not include accommodations, travel, local transportation, etc.  Participants should make their own arrangements for these services, and should pay careful attention to the time required to obtain any necessary visas.

Special Offer:  We are offering a special “combo” offer including our Compensation Management and Job Design and Evaluation workshops on consecutive days for a combined price of US$2,500.  This offer is available in Nairobi (April) only. Please contact us for more information.

The NGO Local Pay surveys, which are now being used by over 350 NGOs in over 85 countries, and will be our primary market data reference in the workshops, have created a resource that for the very first time allows INGOs to use a single, consistent reference to labor market data in order to manage compensation across multiple countries and from year to year.  The availability of the data has illuminated the need in most NGOs to develop good practices in using data well, in order to guide good management decisions.  These workshops are another step we are taking to help you to build those good practices for your organization.

For more information, please contact us.