Recognition and Reward Workshop

Learn the fundamentals of performance management and how to effectively motivate staff by distinguishing the accumulation of skill from staff achievement

Birches Group is pleased to announce our 2019 Calendar of Recognition and Reward Workshops. The program was first launched in early 2018 and is designed for professionals in the international development community with responsibility for decisions about how their organizations manage performance and staff development. This course complements our Job Design and Evaluation and Compensation Management Workshop, which have been well-received by the international development sector since 2015. This course is also part of the Integrated HR workshops conducted.

The curriculum focuses on the measurement of performance, which has always been a challenge for organizations to effectively manage. We believe that traditional approaches to performance management – fraught with unclear expectations, administrative and bureaucratic hurdles, inefficiency, and questions of “is this even worth doing?” – only perpetuate this struggle. However, we also believe that giving up is not an option, and doing so leads to a wasted opportunity not only to showcase the value that the organization brings to its stakeholders but also celebrate the growth and achievement of staff. We believe there is a better way.

The Recognition and Rewards Workshop is designed around the simple and intuitive Community™ framework that places clear definitions of work as the foundation for evaluating individuals’ growth in skills (Recognition) and their achievements (Reward). The course is complementary to the Job Design and Evaluation Workshop and the Compensation Management Workshop; and while all three workshops our built on the Community™ framework it is not necessary to have taken either of the other two workshops.

Here’s what our participants have said about the workshop:

“The workshop was very useful and well organized. I have learned new insights and new upcoming tools for skills assessment and performance rewards. The workshop added to my professional skills and enlightened me on how to be a strategic HR partner in my organization by bringing additional value. I will recommend this course to others because it is very useful to organizations and to HR professionals. It entails new trends and approaches. “ – Nairobi training participant, March 2018

“The exposure to the concept of BG grade system added huge value to my knowledge base. Once the fundamental framework is done rightly, the concept brings ease to linking job classification and grade system with performance management and the overall reward and recognition system in an organisation. I was glad to be in a room where professionals agreed that the reward for performance is not promotion, as promotion should rest on growth and development in skills. It exposed me to new smarter thinking on recognition and reward management which are easier to manage and will be fairer to employees. The learning from the workshop has formed a basis for the consideration of a review of our job classification, grade, recognition and reward systems. We are reconsidering our job classification and the overall recognition and reward programme. The quality of discourse and value of cross-learning was rich.I will recommend the workshop to all HR professionals to enable us widen the knowledge and the new thinking that Birches is leading.” – Nairobi training participant, March 2018

“The Birches Workshop on Recognition and Reward was unique with quality sessions mastering how to recognize and reward staff. The idea of these two staff capacity building initiatives was explicit considering how we measure staff success, how we rate performance and skills of our staff. Now I can testify that I have full knowledge and understanding and will ensure my team and all supervisors tap into it for a better enhanced work force. Networking with colleagues from other institutions, experience sharing and group work has given me the will of performing my work with utmost jurisdiction on a fair platform.” – Nairobi training participant, March 2018

“The workshop helped me appreciate the importance of laying a solid HR foundation within an organization– The importance of developing skills, job analysis and evaluation, the establishment of a robust performance management system and a market driven salary structure, well crafted job descriptions aligned to clearly defined performance objectives measured against well-articulated performance standards. The professionalism exuded in the talent management piece is extremely essential in all organizations for effective and efficient  people management.  The systems and tools used during the training are extremely user-friendly, practical and strategic.” – Nairobi training participant, March 2018

We limit participation in each workshop to 20 participants, in order to allow for sufficient interaction, networking, and hands-on exercises. The current workshop schedule is:

Location Dates Deadline for Registrations Registration
Johannesburg, South Africa (as part of Integrated HR workshop) May 20-24, 2019 May 03, 2019 Register for the Johannesburg Workshop
Nairobi, Kenya (as part of Integrated HR workshop) July 29-August 2, 2019 July 12, 2019 Register for the Kenya Workshop
Dubai, UAE (as part of Integrated HR workshop) October 14-18 2019 September 27, 2019 Register for the Dubai Workshop

The standard fee for participation is $2,000 for the five-day workshop. Discount codes will be released through our bi-weekly email newsletters so make sure to look out for those! Registrations will be closed 2 weeks prior to the workshop date.

The course fee includes course materials, lunches, and coffee/tea breaks.   The course fee does not include accommodations, travel, local transportation, etc.  Participants should make their own arrangements for these services, and should pay careful attention to the time required to obtain any necessary visas.

The Community™ Market Compensation and Benefits surveys, which are now being used by over 350 NGOs in over 85 countries, and will be our primary market data reference in the workshops, have created a resource that for the very first time allows INGOs to use a single, consistent reference to labor market data in order to manage compensation across multiple countries and from year to year.  The availability of the data has illuminated the need in most NGOs to develop good practices in using data well, in order to guide good management decisions.  These workshops are one step we are taking to help you to build those good practices for your organization.

For more information, please contact us.