Frequently Asked Questions

Before you call, check this list of common questions (and answers!)

Below are some frequently asked questions about the Community™  Market Compensation and Benefits survey.  If you do not find the answer to your question below, please contact us, and we would be happy to assist you

1. Is the Survey Report for one country, or multiple countries?

The survey reports are focused on a single country.  However, a consistent methodology is used in all of the surveys, so the content in each country will be comparable.

2. What salary data is actually collected?

We will collect salary scales, and the average actual rate for each position. 

3. How do you treat allowances and benefits?

The survey covers base salary, plus all non-salary elements of compensation, whether paid in cash or in-kind.  For example, we value food and beverages, recreational activities, housing and transport assistance, subsidized loans, etc. 

4. How do you ensure the job matching is done accurately?

Accurate job matching is the single most important aspect of a survey.  If the matches are incorrect, all of the data is wrong as well.  We ensure that the matching is accurate through our data collection interview process, where our survey specialists interview each participant. 

5. How much time is required to participate in the survey?

Participation requires a minimum effort on your part. No paper to fill out – data is collected over the telephone.   A limited amount of data is collected, and our staff does all of the job matching for you!  It usually takes 90 minutes or less. 

6. Is there a minimum number of staff needed to participate in the survey?

No.  Organizations of any size can participate. However, we require a minimum of 15 local staff to count an organization towards the threshold for launching a survey.  This is because experience informs us that organizations with 15 or more local staff are better benchmarks for survey purposes.

7. How is the Community Market Compensation and Benefits Survey different from other surveys?

Survey data on demand whenever you need it – surveys are updated three times a year, in April, July, and October, ensuring that data is always current.  In addition:

  • Educational webinars and tools to help you apply the data accurately.
  • A consistent approach across all countries using a methodology that has been tested in over 150 countries globally.
  •  A comprehensive survey containing all of the key elements of compensation, including many that are overlooked by other survey providers.
  • The confidence and security of using third-party experts, saving you time and ensuring confidentiality and high-quality results.
  • State-of-the-art technology to manage the survey data, with options for both local, regional, and headquarters access from the same datasets.


8. Can I see a sample report?

Sure.  You can download a sample report here.  

9. I want to invite some other organizations to join. Can you help me do that?

Absolutely!  We would be happy to invite them – there is a place to provide their contact information on the registration form.  Or you can mention it to them and give them our contact information. You can also share the CommunityMarket flyers to help promote the survey to others.

10. How much does the survey cost?

The basic price for international NGOs is US$1,295.  There are discounts available for multi-year, multi-country participation. Commercial development organizations and international organizations have a different pricing scheme.

The details can be found on our pricing page.

11. There is no NGO survey in my country. Can you still help me?

Yes.  Birches Group has multi-sector surveys in 156 countries.  You can register for CommunityMarket Compensation and Benefits Survey with the multi-sector add-on, and get access to the multi-sector survey right away.  Within 12 months, if we are able to launch CommunityMarket Compensation and Benefits Survey, you will be included in that survey as well, at no additional cost.

12. Who should be our survey respondent?

The survey respondent should be the person most familiar with the job responsibilities, roles, and the compensation structure in the subject country. This will be the person who provides your organization’s data to the survey.  The survey respondent will be asked to participate in a 60 to 90 minute phone interview with the Birches Group. 

13. How will I know that my registration has been processed?

You will receive a confirmation email within 72 hours of registering for the CommunityMarket Compensation and Benefits Surveys

14. How should I prepare for the data gathering interview?

We suggest you download our Interview Guide and Benefits Questionnaire and look them over in advance of the interview.  They contain the information you need about what to expect during the interview. 

15. Whom should I contact if I have questions about the registration process?

Please send us a note using the Contact Us form.  Or you can call Birches Group offices in Manila
(+63-02-403-1542) or New York (+1-212-972-6970).

16. When will I receive the survey results?

Registered participants will be notified through email once the report is available for access via Indigo™ or via the report subscription link on the Birches Group client website. Be sure your invoice is fully paid — we do not provide access to data until full payment is received.

17. Why do we have to pay before we receive the survey results?

Simply stated, we priced the survey at a level which requires we use standard processes without exceptions. We did not budget for the extra time and effort required for extensive follow-up of outstanding invoices.  With over 1,000 invoices being generated each year, we must insist on upfront payment before survey subscription access is provided.

18. Does the Community Market Compensation and Benefits Survey include data for international (expatriate) staff?

No. The CommunityMarket Compensation and Benefits Surveyis a survey just for staff on local terms and conditions.  However, Birches Group and CHS Alliance sponsor the NGO Global Pay Survey, which covers internationally-recruited staff at Headquarters and in the field (expatriates).

19. I missed the deadline for the survey in my country. Can I still purchase it?

Data submissions are expected to be completed within 60 days of confirmation of registration. Failure to provide data on a timely basis will result in suspension of all accounts until data is received; a reconnection fee of $200 per account shall be applied.

After an additional 30 days, Subscriber will be billed a non-participation surcharge of 50% of the base survey fee, including multi-sector add-on, for each country for which data has not been submitted. This surcharge is non-refundable.