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03 NOV
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Organizations need good, reliable market data to manage their compensation programs properly.  For international NGOs operating in numerous countries across the developing world, finding a single source of data is challenging.  NGO Local Pay surveys are the answer.

We conduct surveys in over 140 countries throughout the developing world.  And, for organizations with 15 or more locations, we offer a special program, NGO Preferred Partners, which provides an excellent value and robust labor market information.

How It Works
NGO Preferred Partners agree to a two- or three-year data subscription in a minimum of 15 countries.  For a per country, per year fee of US$625 (two-year) or US$525 (three-year) , Preferred Partners get access to the following during their subscription period:

  • Immediate Indigo™ online access to Birches Group multi-sector data, for the current survey, historical survey data, and any updates which occur for the duration of your subscription.
  • Access to NGO Local Pay data immediately, if available.  Or, access is provided when the survey is published.
  • Use of the Birches Group Trends™ tool, which helps users estimate future market movement based on actual historical survey data.  This is useful to generate ageing factors, help estimate budgets, etc.

Don’t worry if your needs should change.  The Preferred Partner program is flexible enough to accommodate new countries as well as programs that end.

The services included in the Preferred Partner option are usually available for US$1,000 per country, so you can save almost 50% and solve the problem of “where to get data” once and for all.  The availability of data immediately in all markets allows you to begin working with some data even before the NGO Local Pay survey is published.

Best of all, Preferred Partners help demonstrate the viability of the NGO Local Pay survey in many key markets, which will attract even more participating organizations in the future, and help us achieve the goal we have for the community of providing a complete labor market data resource across the developing world.

For More Information
To learn more about becoming an NGO Local Pay Preferred Partner, contact us to arrange a time to discuss your specific needs.


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