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02 JUL
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As you know, on May 7th there was a maxi-devaluation in Malawi, that coincided with the publication of the NGO Local Pay Survey with data effective February 1.  As a result of the devaluation, many organizations have been examining their compensation in Malawi, and many have made adjustments, or are planning to do so soon.

In order to provide survey participants with the most useful market intelligence, we have decided to update the Malawi survey.  All organizations that participated in the February survey (a total of 26) have been invited to update their data to reflect post-devaluation compensation levels; there is no cost for the update.

Organizations that did not participate in the February survey can join the update survey for the usual registration fee of $595.  Please register your interest no later than July 10th.  Data collection closes on July 20th, so we can publish the update on August 10th.

We know that Malawi is a topic of great interest in the development community.  A recent InsideNGO webinar with Birches Group Managing Partner Gary McGillicuddy attracted over 50 participants. We’ve also posted a link to an article in the Resources section that describes the recommended approach on how to adjust compensation under challenging circumstances.

If you need assistance in managing your response in Malawi, please contact Birches Group using the Contact Us link.


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