Birches Group & Humentum Partnership

All New Birches Group Community™ Market Compensation and Benefits Survey in the US!

Birches Group and Humentum Strategic Partnership

We are pleased to announce that beginning 2019, we have entered into a strategic partnership with Humentum based in Washington, D.C., USA. Humentum is a global organization formed by a merger of InsideNGO, LINGOs and Mango in July 2017. Currently with 330 organizational members, Humentum represents a dynamic mix of non-profit organizations, commercial development organizations, and academic institutions just to name a few. With Humentum’s wide network of members and clients, they bring together a large community or organizations working in the humanitarian and development sector to enable learning, provide expertise and advocate on behalf of their clients to donor organizations.

Under this partnership, a re-launch of the US Pay Survey will now be the Birches Group Community™ Market Compensation and Benefits Survey in the United States. All survey data will be gathered and analyzed using our Community™ Job Evaluation methodology and Community™ Market Salary Survey approach to provide more consistency much like other Birches Group Community™ Market Compensation and Benefits Surveys across the globe.

The Birches Group NGO Local Pay Survey in the United States will provide grade-based survey data analysis to enable easy comparisons across other organizations in the market. And much like our NGO Local Pay Surveys in other countries, the US NGO Local Pay Survey will be updated three times a year, every April, July, and October to provide our Humentum participants the freshest data available.

Not only will we work with Humentum in providing compensation and benefits survey data to their members and clients, but through our strategic partnership, we will also be providing support through training courses facilitated by our Birches Group experts, as well as an integrated approach to HR management, particularly on Job Evaluation, Skills Development and Performance Management through our Community™ platform.

To register for our survey, visit our survey registration page and complete our Order Form. You may also send an inquiry through our Contact Form on our Birches Group website.