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06 SEP
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It’s been just about one year since NGO Local Pay was launched, and it’s been quite a ride!  We started with a strong foundation – the LiNGO survey, which was launched in 2008.  Since last September, with broad interest from NGOs and development organizations, and strong support from our partner sponsors, InsideNGO and People In Aid, we’ve built NGO Local Pay to be the premier source of labor market data for the international development community.

Here are some interesting statistics about the first year of NGO Local Pay:

  • 23 surveys have been completed and published
  • 15 surveys are currently underway
  • 9 surveys are scheduled for launch in September
  • 7 additional surveys are scheduled for the 4th Quarter of 2011

That’s 54 surveys so far, and we are targeting 60 by year-end.

  • 858 country offices have registered for NGO Local Pay surveys
  • 9 surveys have 20 or more organizations participating
  • 20 surveys have 15 or more participants
  • 38 surveys have 10 or more participants

We expect to get close to 1,000 country offices by year-end.

 187 different organizations have registered in at least one country

  • 23 organizations have registered in at least 10 countries
  • 13 organizations have registered in at least 15 countries
  • 7 organizations have registered in at least 30 countries

Two organizations, Oxfam GB and World Vision, have registered in over 50 countries!

What happens next?

Our first year has been successful by any measure.  Feedback from participating employers indicates that the surveys are being well-received, and NGOs find the data useful in managing their compensation programs more efficiently and professionally.  We hope to reach or exceed 60 countries by the end of 2011, and expand the survey to 20 additional countries in 2012.

Some clients have asked Birches Group to get more involved with their compensation management.  We now provide salary scale design consulting (at a very reasonable cost), using the NGO Local Pay data as the market reference.   Ask about special multi-year packages which bundle data purchases and scale maintenance into one low price that remains constant during the duration of your contract.

We now have NGO-specific data for multiple years in several countries.  Soon, we will be able to generate trend information and examine the year-over-year market changes, and conduct additional analyses of interest to our clients.  In some of our large surveys, we will also be examining different sub-sectors (e.g., humanitarian, health-related, environmental, etc.) and report back on any significant trends across different NGO sectors.

What Can You Do?

As an NGO professional, there are several things you can do to help build the NGO Local Pay survey for the benefit of the broader community.

You can:

  • Make sure your organization is registered for the latest survey in your country.
  • Tell colleagues throughout your organization to do the same in their countries.  Ask your headquarters to look into global contracts.
  • Promote the survey to colleagues in other NGOs and development organizations.
  • Talk to peers in your networks, and ask your program leadership to do the same.
  • Provide us with your feedback so we can continuously improve our survey and our processes to better meet the needs of the community.

With your continued support, NGO Local Pay will continue to grow and thrive in the coming months and years.

Thank you for your support!


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