Pricing Structure

We believe that the Community™ Market Compensation and Benefits Survey offers the most comprehensive survey information for the international NGO Community as well as the best value!

Community™ Market Compensation and Benefits Survey Quick Pricing Overview:

Community™ Market Compensation and Benefits surveys are updated three times a year, in April, July and October.  All survey purchases will be in the form of subscriptions for a minimum of 12 months.

The Community™ Market Compensation and Benefits survey pricing has been designed to enable all organizations to take advantage of good compensation management practices through annual survey participation.  Through the Sustaining Partner program, over 70 organizations have committed to annual participation in substantially all of their country offices, ensuring that robust survey data is available in over 85 countries every year.  Our pricing includes discounts that encourage annual participation, which benefits both clients and the community.

Non-Profit NGO

US$1,295 per country

(see additional features and options below)


US $850 per country per year

(for 3 year term)

Commercial Development Organizations

US $1,750 per country

(see additional features and options below)

Community™ Market Compensation and Benefits Survey Pricing – Effective October, 2019

(see Description of Services Below)
Non-Profit NGOS Commercial Development
Survey Subscription $1,295 $1,750
Sustaining Contributor Subscription
(Three-year subscription)
$1,295 in 1st year
$1.295 in 2nd year
$845 in 3rd year
$1,145 average per year
(11.5% discount)
$1,750 in 1st year
$1,750 in 2nd year
$1,000 in 3rd year
$1,500 average per year
(14.3% discount)
Indigo™ Software Add-On $205 $300
Sustaining Partner Subscription

Includes two profiles plus
Indigo™ access

Requires minimum of ten countries and
three-year commitment

(50% discount)
(36% discount)
Custom Cuts

Additional Standard Profile
Subsector Profile
Custom Cut

1st Free, $400 for additional
1st Free, $400 for additional
Single Job Profile Report $375 per job
$100 for Custom Cut
$550 per job
$150 for Custom Cut
Community™ Market Compensation and Benefits Survey is designed to support the international NGO and development community. As a community product, the survey’s effectiveness is directly impacted by the level of participation from the community. Therefore, we generally require survey participation in order to subscribe.On a limited basis, organizations can subscribe to the reports without participating in the survey. This option is available only when an organization is not yet operating in-country. The cost is $1,943 per country for non-profit NGOs; commercial development organizations will be charged $2,588 per country.

Description of Services

Survey Subscription (one year) or Sustaining Contributor (three years)

Access to survey report in PDF format in subscribed locations for a 12- or 36-month period respectively for one standard profile (NGOs or multi-sector employers).  Surveys can be downloaded from our website on demand.

Indigo™ Access (optional, in addition to Survey Subscription)

Use of the Birches Group proprietary software, Indigo™, to access survey data interactively.  Indigo™ users can customize their data views and export results to Excel.

Sustaining Partner 

Includes Survey Subscription for two standard profiles (NGOs and multi-sector employers), and Indigo™ access.  Requires a minimum of ten countries under a three-year agreement.

Subsector Profiles

Profiles for the most common subsectors found in each market, e.g.:

  • Development
  • Education
  • Environment
  • Human Rights
  • Humanitarian
  • Microfinance
  • Public Health

The participants found in each country will determine the availability of subsector profiles.

Custom Cuts

Profile of organizations selected from NGO and multi-sector profiles, according to your specific requirements and preferences.  Subscribers can request one custom cut at no additional charge.

Single Job Profile Report

A comprehensive report focused on a single job.  Download a sample report.

Privacy Statement:

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Refund Policy

Our refund policy details the terms and conditions of survey sales and circumstances under which refunds may be granted.  To review the complete policy, click here.