Support and information for those managing local compensation for NGOs.


This is a page to highlight resources that could be helpful for those managing local compensation for international NGOs. If you have some recommendations, please drop us a line with your suggestions.


Do Jobs Really Matter in Salary Surveys?
Are jobs really important when evaluating salary survey results? Read this article to learn why the conventional wisdom could be misleading and incorrect.

Managing Compensation When Uncontrollable Events Occur
How should HR respond to circumstances such as hyperinflation/devaluation, natural disasters, civil unrest, and similar uncontrollable events?  This post covers the basics.

Why Salary Surveys Are Different from Family Feud
Salary surveys don’t have “the answer” – they just provide you with useful information to enable your own analysis and decision making.

Why Inflation Doesn’t Matter When Calculating Salary Increases
If you have worked with us before you know that we are strong proponents of a cost of labor approach to salary setting.  This article explains more about why cost of labor, not cost of living, is the most important factor to consider is planning your salary revisions.

Maxi-Devaluation in Malawi – HR Response (from the International HR Forum)
What is the proper HR response following a maxi-devaluation?  Should you adjust local staff salaries right away?  How much?

Impact of Devaluation on Local Pay (from the International HR Forum)
This article discusses how devaluation impacts the local pay market, and suggests the best techniques to manage it.

What About Inflation? (from the International HR Forum)
When inflation is high, there is always a call to increase pay, but is that always the right move?

Benchmarking Regional Roles (from the International HR Forum)
What is the best way to benchmark regional roles in your organization?  The answer might surprise you.

Square Peg in a Round Hole:  Balancing the Global Salary Budget (from the International HR Forum)
How do you allocate a fixed budget amount in dollars across multiple countries with different market dynamics?