About the Sponsors

The respective missions of the sponsors: support operational excellence, improve organizational effectiveness, create dynamic and thriving workplaces.

NGO Local Pay Surveys are a collaborative effort between Birches Group LLC and CHS Alliance (formerly People In Aid) to address the need for international NGOs to have access to consistent, reliable and relevant market data to manage national staff. With national staff becoming an ever-increasing proportion of employee populations among member organizations, including many in leadership roles, it is critical now more than ever that development organizations manage total reward to retain key talent. Donors are increasingly emphasizing the employment of national staff, and requiring accountability on matters related to management of pay and benefits, another critical reason why members need access to local market data.  Each Partner brings a unique experience and perspective to this initiative.


Committed to helping organizations access markets, secure talent and create dynamic workplaces where together staff and programmes…THRIVE.

Since 2010, Birches Group and the CHS Alliance (formerly People In Aid) have joined together on the NGO Local Pay surveys to create readily available access to current, robust, relevant labor market data for international NGOs in order to support organizational effectiveness and operational excellence and to help NGOs thrive. Over 360 organizations have participated in the 85+ country surveys we have launched each year, and over 50 organizations are participating in all their countries every year as a primary tool for good management of reward globally.

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chs-logoCHS Alliance (formerly People In Aid) improves organisational effectiveness within the humanitarian and development sector worldwide by advocating, supporting and recognising good practice in the management of people.

We help organisations whose goal is the relief of poverty and suffering to enhance the impact they make through better management and support of staff and volunteers. Both human resource managers and people managers rely on our work to improve their organisation’s impact.

Our work centres around the People In Aid Code of Good Practice, an internationally recognised management tool that helps humanitarian and development organisations enhance the quality of their human resources management.

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