Sustaining Partners

Sustaining Partners are those organizations which are committed to broad, annual participation and support of the Community™ Market Compensation and Benefits Survey.

Sustaining Partners contribute to the value of the Community™ Market Compensation and Benefits surveys by committing to:

  • participate annually in the surveys in each of the countries in which they employ staff on local terms and conditions, for a period of three years; and

  • advocate for participation in the surveys among their peers.

By making such a commitment, they help to create predictability, consistency, and stability in the data samples for the countries in which they participate, which are essential qualities for organizations who are trying to manage pay effectively on an annual basis across a wide global operating footprint.

For contributing to the value of the surveys, Sustaining Partners receive price discounts, and access to additional data and services. The number of organizations who have seen the value of becoming a Sustaining Partner has grown each year since 2011, and now includes nearly 60 leading international NGOs.

The current Sustaining Partners include the following organizations:

For a list of the Sustaining Partners, click here.

Sustaining Partners enable us to have a core of committed organizations we can count on as participants in the survey every year, enabling the successful launch of more surveys, in more countries, than would otherwise be possible.

If your organization operates in 10 or more countries, becoming an CommunityMarket Compensation and Benefits Survey Sustaining Partner offers the best value for your market data needs. Contact us to learn how your organization can become a Sustaining Partner.