Build the Community

Spread the word to the community in your country.

Promote the Surveys

The Community Market Compensation and Benefits Survey, formerly the NGO Local Pay Survey, is an initiative for the benefit of the international development community. Our mission to create readily available access to current, robust, relevant labor market data for international NGOs in order to support organizational effectiveness and operational excellence, and to help NGOs thrive.

To that end, one of the best ways to expand the surveys and improve their utility for everyone is for participants to help spread the word to other organizations who would be interested in our work.  Outreach can take many different forms, from personal contacts, emails to local contacts, or distributing information at network or consortium meetings.

Don’t overlook your Country Directors!  These individuals are often well-connected to the key NGO leaders in their community and have a lot of influence.

Spread the Word
To help you promote the CommunityMarket Compensation and Benefits Survey initiative in your community, we are happy to provide the following one-pager for your use.  French and Spanish versions are coming soon.

Feel free to download these files and distribute them in your country, either hard copy or electronically.  You can also download sample reports to share.

Are You in a Consortium?
If you are a member of a local NGO consortium, we would like to work with you and the consortium.  If there is sufficient interest, we can provide some extra analysis for members of the consortium who participate in the Community Market Compensation and Benefits Survey.  We are available to present an introductory webinar for your consortium, too.  Just use the Contact Us page to send a request.