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The NGO Local Pay survey covers the employers, jobs and countries that are relevant to the development community.


The NGO Local Pay surveys are a comprehensive source of data for organizations in the development community who want to manage their investment in pay for locally-engaged staff in a market-based, competitive and efficient manner. The surveys cover the countries where NGOs operate, the jobs they need to fill, the organizations with which they compete for talent; and report all the data you need to design and maintain a competitive compensation program.

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Survey Process

Our survey process is easy and client-friendly.

Survey Process


We have NGO Local Pay surveys in over 80 countries, and more are added on demand.

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Survey Jobs

NGO Local Pay has the jobs that are relevant for international NGOs and other development organizations.

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Sample Reports

We are happy to share sample reports.

Sample Reports


Over 350 different international development organizations rely on NGO Local Pay surveys for their benchmark data.  

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Survey Schedule

NGO Local Pay surveys are launched every year in January, April and July, and published in April, July and October.  You can join the survey at any time.

Looking for expatriate survey data?

We have a separate survey covering internationally-recruited positions at headquarters and in the field.

NGO Global Pay Survey