Survey Registration

Registration is easy. Choose one country, or register for multiple locations.


With our Evergreen approach, you can register any time and access survey data – on demand – when you need it.  Surveys are updated three times a year, in April, July and October, so you always have access to fresh data, Data submissions are required once per year, after your pay review.

Registration is the first step to get access to survey data. Just download the registration form, complete each section, and return it to the email address specified. Once your order is processed, and the survey fees are paid in full, your access to the survey will begin, and you can download PDF reports, or access data via Indigo right away.

Data Collection

Data collection should ideally occur within 60 days following the end of the month when your annual pay review occurs.  This means, for example, if you administer pay increases on May 1, we will collect your data update between June 1 and July 30.  Your updated data will be added to the survey during the first survey release that is at least 90 days after your pay review, to comply with US government requirements.  The chart below shows data collection and publication release dates for your reference:

Salary Review Month Data Collection Window Data Added to Survey in:
January February – March April
February March – April July
March April – May July
April May – June July
May June – July October
June July – August October
July August – September October
August September – October April
September October – November April
October November – December April
November December – January April
December January – February April

If There is No Community™ Market Compensation and Benefits Survey

If you select countries where there is no Community Market Compensation and Benefits Survey (see country list), you will automatically receive access to the Birches Group multi-sector profile.  If there is sufficient demand for an NGO-specific survey, we will notify you when it is added, and you will receive access when it’s finished.  Registration helps us to identify countries where there is demand for additional Community Market Compensation and Benefits surveys, so please be sure to register promptly.


To complete your registration, you will be required to pay the survey fees listed on the invoice provided when we confirm your registration options.  Full payment is required, and no access to survey data will be provided before payment is received.

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