Sample Reports

Download these sample reports to see NGO Local Pay in action

We are pleased to share some sample reports with you.

For each country, the Community™ Market Compensation and Benefits survey report consists of two parts.  In the main compensation and benefits report (CBSR), the survey results are presented in a customized fashion for each participating organization. The compensation and benefits report compares your market position to the overall market for each job in the survey.

Download Sample Compensation and Benefits Report

The Community™ Market Allowances and Benefits by Employer report (ABE), shows details of specific allowances and benefits reported in the survey, along with occupational data for each position at various percentiles of the market, is included as an Appendix to the main report.

If you just need to price one job, we also offer a Single Job Profile Report.  The Report captures everything you need to know to establish a fair package for any position.

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