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The Survey Jobs

The Community™ Market Allowances and Benefits by Employer Report (ABE), which comes as an Appendix to the Community™ Market Compensation and Benefits Survey includes positions that are most often found in international NGOs. The positions in the survey cover a wide range of occupations and levels, and provide an excellent benchmark comparison.

Roles covered by the Community™ Market Allowances and Benefits by Employer Report include all country-based jobs, from general support to programme roles and technical specialties, such as:

  • Country Office Head/Chief of Party
  • Deputy Country Head
  • Top Country Programmes Head
  • Humanitarian Coordinator
  • Senior In-Country Technical Roles
  • Senior In-Country HIV/AIDS Specialist
  • In-Country Technical Roles
  • In-Country HIV/AIDS Specialist
  • Senior Programmes Officer
  • Programme Analyst
  • Programme Administration
  • Grants Officer
  • Finance Manager
  • Finance Administrators
  • HR Manager
  • HR Administrator
  • IT Officer
  • General Administrator
  • Country Logistics Head
  • Warehouse Manager
  • Receptionist
  • Guard
  • Driver
  • Cleaner

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