Our Survey Process in Six Simple Steps

Explore our survey process, designed to be easy for clients

Here is a convenient summary of the process we use for NGO Local Pay surveys, from registration to final report.

The NGO Local Pay Survey Process consists of the following steps:

  1. Register: Complete your registration by downloading our Order Form and submitting it as instructed on the form.
  2. Receive Confirmation: Within 7 days of registering, you will receive an e-mail confirmation of your registration from an NGO Local Pay survey team member. You may be asked to clarify information provided on the form or fill in missing information.
  3. Survey Access: As soon as you register and pay the survey fees, your access to the surveys will be established. Clients access the survey electronically via the Birches Group website (for Report Subscriptions) or using our Indigo software (for Indigo Subscribers). Access is provided, on demand, for 12 months.
  4. Survey Schedule: Each country survey is conducted three times a year. Surveys are initiated in January, April and July; results are updated in April, July and October.
  5. Data Collection: We collect your data and incorporate it into the survey once per year.  The usual time for data collection is within 60 days following the month in which your annual pay review occurs (e.g., if you review compensation in April, data collection would be between May 1 and June 30).  Your survey analyst will reach out to schedule a data collection interview at the appropriate time.
  6. Data Collection Interview: We use a structured interview process to gather the survey data from clients.  Your survey analyst will provide you with all of the necessary information and documents to prepare for the interview.  Be sure to watch for the emails with the interview information; your survey access may be suspended if you do not submit your data on time (and there will be an extra fee to reestablish your access)!
  7. Participate in Interview: At the designated time, the Birches Group survey analyst will have a 90 minute telephone interview with the survey respondent who will provide information about salaries and benefits for your organization in that country.

For more information, use our contact form to send us an email.