Training Workshops

Learn from Birches Group experts and share your own experiences by participating in our highly interactive Training Workshops

Birches Group provides training opportunities for human resources professionals in the international development sector.  We offer the following courses:

  • Integrating Human Resources (5-day course combining Job Design & Evaluation, Compensation Management, and Recognition & Reward)
  • Job Design and Evaluation (3-day course)
  • Compensation Management (3-day course)
  • Recognition and Reward (3-day course)

Our training courses serves as an avenue for technical learning which is essential to sound human resources management along with practical, proven techniques to align technical solutions with the realities faced by mission-driven organizations.Each of these workshops are tailored specifically to the issues faced by international NGOs and other development organizations.

Our courses are limited to a maximum of 25 participants, to ensure a lively, interactive session, ensuring that everyone contributes to the learning discussions.  Courses always include interactive exercises allowing attendees to test newly acquired skills and concepts, discuss the results and refine their understanding.

For the 2019 Job Design & Evaluation Workshop schedule, click here.

For the 2019 Compensation Management Workshop schedule, click here.

For the 2019 Recognition & Reward Workshop schedule, click here.

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