Reading: Upcoming Surveys Scheduled – Sept/Oct 2014

15 SEP
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We are pleased to announce the following six country surveys are scheduled for launch soon:


Country Launch Date Close Date Publication Date
Benin 15-Sep-14 10-Nov-14 8-Dec-14
Lesotho 18-Sep-14 13-Nov-14 11-Dec-14
India 22-Sep-14 17-Nov-14 15-Dec-14
Afghanistan 2-Oct-14 27-Nov-14 25-Dec-14
Jordan 6-Oct-14 1-Dec-14 29-Dec-14
Guinea 9-Oct-14 4-Dec-14 1-Jan-15


Be sure to register for the survey to indicate your interest in participating.  Registration after the Close Date above attracts an additional out-of-cycle fee of US$150.

For more information, please contact us.


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